Wednesday, February 23, 2011


...and fall prey to my eternal narcissism. First, watch this orientation video:

To enter:
1) Write a rhyming romantic couplet about yours truly, and post it in the comment section below with your twitter handle (so I can reach you by carrier pigeon).
2) Let's keep it G-rated. Okay, PG. Okay, maybe a soft PG-13. a "Titanic" PG-13.
3) Tweet this contest on twitter: "Win an advance copy of WILDEFIRE by @KarstenKnight!"
4) Don't have twitter? Enter anyway, but make sure your couplet can move mountains and maybe I will take pity on your anti-social nature.
5) U.S. peeps only. Sorry, Monaco.

What you win:
1) A coveted ARC of WILDEFIRE (with typos!)
2) My illegible autograph that your friends will think you signed yourself
3) A copy of my beautiful jacket proof to frame and/or cuddle with on cold nights.

I'll choose my favorites on March 6th, throw them into a randomizer for mathematical impartiality, and voila: instant ARC victory. C'est bon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Karsten Goes to Prom

Not even going to bother explaining this one. Just watch.